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We did meet the future. Brand new HSE Day 2020 has taken place.

This year, we have set for ourselves an ambitious goal of doing the impossible - include everything in the programme that we could not previously at the usual open-air festival and still maintain the atmosphere of a major academic campus.

18 hours of live broadcast. 19 faculties. 25 activities from STUDLIFE. Viewers from as far away as Australia.

It seems that we are perfectly prepared for the next anniversary celebration of the university.

See you!

About HSE Day Stages

HSE Future

On this stage, guests discuss the future of education and science, technology, and everyday life, as well as talk about the future the University is building for its students and staff. What will school be like in 10 years? What kind of transport will we be using in the cities of the future? What will happen to the planet's climate by 2030? What will happen to media production and consumption? All of these issues and more will be featured as part of the HSE PRO Future stage. The broadcast will be in Russian, but there will be simultaneous translation into English available for the convenience of our guests.

Meet HSE University

The Meet HSE University stage is for those interested in learning more about HSE University, the application process, studies, and research. Here, you can see presentations by the HSE faculties. Studio guests will talk about education tuition fee waivers, Olympiads, and student research. You will also hear about student self-government, field projects, online education, and academic mobility. Everyone will have the opportunity to take a video tour of the Moscow campus.


Do you want to know what extracurricular activities HSE University has to offer? Tune in to take part in the STUDLIFE stage. You will learn about our student organizations and listen to a talk show about extracurricular activities, where you will learn how to get the most out of your student years. And you can also watch performances by creative clubs and even attend a real Dance Battle.

You can also take part in our traditional quest for first year students, which will introduce you to the University and its academic life, join the HSE FM broadcast, or participate in various quizzes, workshops and games run by student organizations.


HSE International will bring together students, alumni, faculty, and friends from all over the world. You will learn about HSE application process and student experience as well as have some fun!

What have we planned for you?

  • a talk show with student exchange participants
  • quizzes and facts about the 28-year HSE story
  • student and alumni testimonials
  • information on the degree and non-degree programmes and scholarships for international and home applicants (including double degree programmes with LSE and Kyung Hee)
  • live QA chat with the admissions team
  • invitation to the HSE Summer University
  • meeting with people who create the HSE intercultural environment
  • interviews with professors and researchers

Join HSE Day and learn what it feels to be a part of a large HSE family! And follow us in FB.

The broadcast will be in English, but there will be simultaneous translation into Russian available for the convenience of our guests.

There is more

Start on 3.09
The 5 km race is one of HSE Day’s biggest athletic traditions. Just like HSE Day itself, the race, too, will be in a ‘Brand New’ format. You can run the distance anytime during the week and register your time and track with PUMATRAC app. The results will be announced and the winners will be awarded on September 10 at this year’s Brand New HSE Day. The race is organized in partnership with PUMA.
Evening Concert
19:00, September 10
Headliners of the Brand New HSE Day, which will take place on September 10, have been announced. Cream Soda and NILETTO will perform at the online concert.

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